Design-Build Engineering

Hermanson’s Engineering staff continues to remain up-to-date with industry-recognized guidelines and best practices issued by ASHRAE, NAFA, FGI, CDC, and OSHA related to indoor air quality and ventilation-based exposure control during the COVID-19 outbreak.  They are regularly disseminating that information to our service technicians, workforce, and clients so everyone has the most current information available to make informed decisions. 


Hermanson’s experienced design engineers collaborate with skilled construction professionals to provide efficient, cost-effective, and high-quality mechanical & plumbing systems through an integrated, streamlined process.

To achieve optimum systems design, we assemble a team of experts and bring all into a collaborative environment. This allows us to leverage the diversity of our strengths to sift through ideas, concepts and solutions, ultimately achieving the most appropriate mechanical solutions.

It all begins with listening to the needs of our clients so our design balances competing desires. We clearly communicate what systems look like and how they integrate with the other key design elements. And, we are dedicated to fulfilling our commitment to achieve sustainable design and construction practices. 

The Hermanson Engineering team delivers clean, professional and efficient mechanical design that integrates Lean Construction methodologies, maximizing efficiency and eliminating waste. Armed with this, our construction crews can then focus on quality installation and completion of a project that meets all client goals and invokes pride in the entire team.

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