Hermanson Employees Are Becoming Healthier Employees!

Feb 25, 2013 |

Now in it's second year, Hermanson's Wellness Program is helping employees and their families live healthier and to reduce stress. Through the program instituted by the company's staff-run Wellness Committee, employees can receive:

  • Benefits of partial gym membership,
  • No interest loans for fitness equipment, and
  • Flexible working hours to allow time for exercise.

In addition, employees can participate in fun programs such as team fitness challenges, biggest loser challenges, the American Heart Association Heart Walk, and other events. Seminars (with healthy lunches provided) are offered on stress reduction, diet, and other areas that lead to healthier living. Year-over-year results from the the first two years of Health Risk Assessments (a comprehensive diagnostic consisting of measures such as weight, cholesterol, glucose, blood pressure, triglycerides, etc.) show consistent improvement. For example, participating employees' weights, blood pressure, and glucose levels have decreased nearly 10%!

The camaraderie, motivation, and cooperation of Hermanson's Wellness Program is just one more reason that Hermanson is a great place to work!