Getting Involved at Hermanson

When you begin your career at Hermanson, you will have the opportunity to engage with your fellow coworkers through committee involvement.

Committee focuses range from community philanthropy, education, diversity and inclusion, and safety.  The groups listed below are designed to help transform the company work culture to be the best it can be. Get involved today!

Women of Hermanson

Women of Hermanson empowers a diverse workforce by building relationships, encouraging engagement, and supporting professional development.



HermyU delivers transformative education to inspire learning, growth and innovation. All employees have the opportunity to expand and enhance leadership skills across the board through HermyU.


Wellness Committee

The Wellness Team is dedicated to instilling our values of Eat Better, Stress Less & Move More.

  • Eating Better - We provide Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Mondays on the first Monday of the month and quarterly Lunch & Learns that tackle eating tips and tricks as well as financial fitness.

  • Stressing Less - We coordinate activities that bring the company together with events like our Easter Egg Hunt, Chili Cookoff & Quarterly Massages.

  • Move More - We hold our yearly Biggest Loser competition and our multi-month Activity Challenge.

Everything we do in the Wellness Team is aimed to make life inside and out of Hermanson enjoyable and healthy for your body and your brain.


Safety Committee

The Safety Committee represents all aspects of Hermanson’s workforce that meets once a month to address safety issues. The committee is also used as a means of testing new safety gear and making decisions on products to use and make changes.


Charitable Giving Committee

Aimed at organizing and focusing Hermanson's charitable efforts, the Charitable Giving Committee’s main purpose is to research and organize community service efforts, evaluate charitable giving opportunities, set the company's vision and manage overall fundraising strategies.