Franklin High School

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Franklin High School

Seattle, Washington | Infrastructure & Public Works | Owner Direct Solutions

The Franklin High School HVAC Repair project presented unique challenges as it was the school district's first-ever progressive design-build project. Initially focused on water source heat pump replacements, the project evolved as Hermanson-led site investigations uncovered critical issues.

The Hermanson team, known for its adaptability, took a collaborative approach. The team engaged with the district's maintenance team to ensure the building's continued operation for another decade. Working within the constraints of the school's status as a historical site, they navigated the complexities of duct distribution and adhered to strict historical designation requirements.

The final solution included:

  • The replacement of all water source heat pumps.
  • Repairs to duct distribution.
  • The rectification of improperly installed fire dampers.

While the original plan for a dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS) was reconsidered due to budget constraints, Hermanson's commitment to delivering value prevailed. The project was about meeting HVAC needs and crafting a solution that works efficiently and sustainably for years to come. Hermanson's unwavering dedication to client satisfaction and problem-solving made this project successful and under budget.

Completed in 2023