Tech Kirkland TI Phase D1

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Tech Kirkland TI Phase D1

55,000 sf | Kirkland, Washnginton | Tech

This project is a 55,000 sf tenant improvement for the first floor of a tech campus for a leading internet search provider. A combination of nearly 80 VAVs and 300 chilled beams deliver conditioned air to office space, phone rooms, lounges and small kitchen areas. Existing core and shell equipment, currently in operation, was used to serve this buildout. Tie-ins and shutdowns required careful coordination with the building facilities group around times that were convenient for the client and caused the least amount of interruption to the building’s daily operations.

When building out a space for a client today, it is important to understand how that build-out may affect the space’s versatility in the future. The chilled beam equipment that serves the current space was closely coordinated with the project team and selected based on the knowledge that some exposed areas may convert to alternative ceiling types in the future. Selecting a chilled beam face that would work in multiple applications avoids fit issues and repurchasing equipment in the future. In an ever-changing, high tech environment, understanding how these current selections can save the client money in the future makes us an insightful, considerate asset to the team and lets the client know we have their best interests in mind.

Completed in 2017