Some of Hermanson’s most prized clients house their employees in a variety of buildings located across the region.

These buildings can be close together, with similar base construction, or they can be scattered among buildings of all shapes, sizes, and history of construction, or any combination of the two. What remains consistent is our clients’ wish to provide their employees with standardized, high quality work environments that meet the unique needs of each company’s business practices.

To serve the needs of Tech clients, Hermanson has built a team of client experts. The Tech team focuses on being proficient in the design, installation and maintenance of mechanical systems that fit the specific needs and standards of the client – no matter what building houses their facilities. Whether it is build-out of new spaces or the constant churn of move-add-change construction that supports an ever-evolving business, Hermanson works to provide calm and efficiency with change-ready mechanical systems that meet our clients’ quality demands.



Separate Campus projects over the past 5 years


Campus Mechanical Construction over the past 5 years


Campus Work for Tech Companies