Battery Active Materials Factory (BAM-2)

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Battery Active Materials Factory (BAM-2)

1,000,000 sf | Moses Lake, Washington | Tech

Hermanson is proud to announce our latest industrial project with Group14 Technologies, a global manufacturer and supplier of advanced silicon battery technology based in Woodinville, Washington. Hermanson is leading the ISBL scope of work, including Equipment Setting, Mechanical HVAC, Pipefitting, and Instrumentation. 

Construction has begun for the commercial-scale U.S. Battery Active Materials (BAM-2) factory in Moses Lake, Washington. This project and many like it support domestic efforts to advance the electric vehicle (EV) market. 

The Group 14 BAM-2 factory in Moses Lake, built by General Contractor Clayco, will begin with two large-scale manufacturing modules, each capable of delivering 2,000 tons per year of their patented carbon-silicon product.

Each module consists of five floors of continuous process manufacturing. 

In Progress