Patricia Reser Center for the Arts

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Patricia Reser Center for the Arts

201,296 sf | Beaverton, Oregon | Oregon

In November 2019, construction began on the 45,000 square foot building located on the site of a former municipal parking garage that would include an intimate 550-seat theatre, a spacious lobby for events and receptions, rehearsal rooms that double as event spaces, and an art gallery for rotating exhibitions. The project was recognized by the DJC Oregon as a 2022 Top Project. 

Hermanson was awarded the full mechanical contract with labor from Locals 290 and 16. The project faced numerous challenges including jobsite shutdowns for COVID, extreme weather events (heat, cold and wind), and thick wildfire smoke coming from fires less than 40 miles away.   

Hermanson was the BIM Coordinator on the project and had to account for hundreds of audio/visual conduits throughout the venue (many not specified on the original plans). This required daily coordination with other subcontractors and vendors. 

The main duct work in the Auditorium was installed before the floor was poured and involved a series of winches and booms to install it over forty feet in the air. The Auditorium floor was another challenge. The layout of 300 floor grills had to take into consideration placement of the anchor bolts for the seats support and avoid impacting the structural integrity of the concrete floor itself. Each grill had to be individually balanced from the main supply located in the floor void.    

There were design changes made because of COVID to increase ventilation by bringing in more outside air to increase air changes per hour. Additionally, a forced air convection system located under metal grates at perimeter windows of the public lobby spaces required the field team to spend significant time making the grates match the unlevel polished concrete floor.  

Hermanson was also responsible for the Center’s plumbing in restrooms and the staff and catering kitchens. Once again, COVID considerations were made with touchless faucets, commode flushing, and even entry doors.   


Completed in 2022