Tenant Improvement

Look up at any of the buildings in Downtown Seattle or Bellevue. It looks calm from the outside, but inside it’s a different story.

Building Managers are repairing and replacing equipment. Tenants are moving, sub-leasing, and expanding. And Building Owners are making the system changes needed to keep their buildings efficient, attractive, and a viable real estate resource.

Hermanson’s Tenant Improvement Group (TIG) is expert in providing mechanical systems analysis, design, and construction for these Downtown buildings. Working directly with Building Owners and Managers to address capital improvements and provide operational support or working with Tenants and their General Contractors to build-out spaces specific to their unique needs, TIG focuses on truly understanding the building and its systems. The result – high quality services, predictable costs, and a proactive partner who can get the job done with no surprises.



Separate projects over the past 5 years


Tenant Improvement Projects with General Contractors


Building Systems Retrofits & Equipment Replacement for Building Owners & Managers



Sporting Arena Upgrades