JATC Visits Pre-Apprenticeship Program

Aug 20, 2020 | Source: Hermanson Marketing Feature Photo Credit // Melissa Tatro | Community Involvement

Responding to an increase in area gun violence, the United Black Christian Clergy started a four-week long construction skills program at Seattle Vocational Institute to provide opportunity for youth in the Central District. 

After hearing their story featured on King5, Hermanson reached out to offer guest speakers and content for the program.  This week, Jeff Reinhardt and Shane Webb of Western Washington Sheet Metal JATC stopped by to share apprenticeship information, career opportunities, and lead a take home hands-on activity for the class of eighteen students. 

“I didn’t even know these jobs existed,” said student Jesiah, “But now I am very interested!”  Jesiah and three other students, Arlando, Schuan, and Will stayed behind to ask pointed questions about entering the sheet metal apprentice program.  Do not be surprised to see a material handler application from one of these young men as they begin their journey!