Hermanson employees attend South Seattle College in sustainable building science technology program

Oct 4, 2017 | Source: Hermanson Marketing | Company News

This past May, Hermanson Company’s founder, Jerry Hermanson, was recognized for his support of South Seattle College with the dedication of the Hermanson Sustainable Building Science Technology Center at their Georgetown campus.

Today, Hermanson has two employees enrolled in the program.

“For me, my studies are an excellent continuation of my 20+ years of experience in the built environment, to understand what our clients, as building owners and managers, seek in the realities of property budgeting, and how to interweave the opportunities with established and emerging technologies in sustainability,” says Soph Davenberry, Hermanson TAB Field Engineer.

“I’ve always had a holistic interest in sustainable building practices, as well as society’s general resistance to change regarding how we construct and occupy the built environment. For building owners, HVAC is a huge part of the larger sustainability discussion, so this program is a great way for me to grow with Hermanson in achieving the sustainability results our clients want,” says Zak Adams, Hermanson CAD Drafter.

Soph and Zak are entering their senior and junior year in the Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) Sustainable Building Science Technology (SBST) program at South Seattle College. The SBST program prepares students to apply expertise and systems knowledge to support highly technical building operations. The SBST degree, which builds on students’ prior education and work experience, positions its graduates to launch careers where they understand building functions and finance in order to manage structures that are healthier and more durable, efficient, economical, and sustainable. More details can be found at South Seattle College’s website: http://www.southseattle.edu/programs/bas/sustainable-building-science-technology/Default.aspx