Hermanson utilizing new cutting-edge technologies

Jul 9, 2019 | Source: Hermanson Marketing | Company News

Once again Hermanson is an innovation leader in the mechanical industry through utilization of cutting-edge technologies and products that help prevent worker injury and increase productivity.

Hermanson Sheet Metal Foreman, Dan Composano, knew he had a daunting task ahead of him at the new construction jobsite of a corporate headquarters in Bellevue. He and his team would need to install over 3,500 hangers for ductwork and piping from the ceiling pandecking of six floors. Prepping for a single wedge anchor per hanger required well over 21,000 holes to be drilled at depths of ½ -3 inches each.

This task has traditionally involved climbing up and down ladders (or the use of a lift), a handheld conventional rotary hammer, a double-layer facial protection system, and a significant amount of manpower. Composano had heard about the DrillRite™ 1500 Overhead Concrete Drill Press and did some online investigation before placing a special order to get the drill out to the jobsite. “The Drillrite™ has made the hanger installation process go 3-4 times faster,” notes Composano, “And any product that keeps my crew from injury and/or dust exposure is a winner in my book.” The DrillRite™ is essentially an inverted drill press that is position on the floor and operated from a standing position by hand crank like a material hoist. The construction team customized the unit by adding governors to ensure hole depth accuracy.

According to the Drillrite™ website, the unit reduces musculoskeletal strain associated with operating rotary hammer drills overhead, reduces the risk of jobsite falls by eliminating ladders for overhead drilling, and the integrated dust extraction system captures dangerous airborne silica dust. Composano and his team can attest that all the products claims are true. “The dust collection system on the DrillRite™ was upgraded to ensure 99.9% dust control which in turn means the operator only needs to wear eye protection to be compliant and the disposable HEPA filter can go a week or more before needing to be changed out. No need to vacuum out the filter bag and risk inadvertent dust cloud exposure,” says Composano.

The willingness to allocate resources to invest in new products and technologies is what designates Hermanson as a trailblazing industry pioneer. Putting employee safety and comfort ahead of profit is what designates Hermanson as a great place to work.