SeaTac Airport North Satellite Posters

Jul 25, 2019 | Source: Hermanson Marketing | Company News

Passing through SeaTac Airport this summer?

You may see a familiar face if your flight plans take you through the North Satellite Terminal.

In a clever twist on the standard “Pardon Our Mess” signage, the Port of Seattle created a series of posters featuring contractors and Port personnel. The posters help direct, encourage and inform passengers of the progress on the North Satellite Terminal renovation and add a bit of whimsy to each traveler’s journey. Hermanson’s own, Local 66 sheet metal worker Joe Hudson, adorns one of the posters that greets passengers at the North Terminal.

The North Satellite Modernization Project is the expansion and renovation of a 45-year-old facility to better serve passengers. A 240-foot expansion of the building to the west includes new gates that has allowed construction to take place in stages to minimize impact to passengers. The upgraded terminal will have brand-new seating with built-in charging stations at each gate, expansive windows that allow natural light, views of the airfield and mountains, and more choices and amenities for an enhanced travel experience.