Welcome Geoff Vestman! Our newest Service Business Development Manager!

Feb 19, 2018 | Source: Hermanson Marketing Feature Photo Credit // Jason Heritage | Company News

Hermanson Company is pleased to announce that Geoff Vestman recently joined the team as Business Development Manager for Hermanson’s Service Department.

In his new role, Geoff will lead the Preventative Maintenance Agreement (PMA) salesforce to grow and develop the service base, set and track sales targets, develop sales strategies, and refine the overall sales process.

Geoff comes from a construction family - his grandfather was an electrician and his father owned a construction company, so he grew up around heavy equipment and learned about mechanical systems from an early age. After graduating from Washington State University, Geoff began his career in building systems and service sales, which allowed him to combine his interest in learning about people’s viewpoints and construction.

Geoff’s philosophy is centered around providing 100% customer satisfaction first by asking questions about the customer’s needs, listening to their answers, and providing solutions that address each unique situation. As a trusted advisor, Geoff helps Hermanson customers keep their costs low, equipment running reliably, and resolves problems that affect building operation.

Hermanson is excited to have Geoff and we know that he will play a key role in Hermanson’s future success!