Foreman Focus Friday: Doug Price

Dec 8, 2016 | Foreman Focus Friday

Fitting General Foreman Doug Price says that you don’t often hear a lot of cheering for steamfitters – but we are here today to give a resounding HUZZAH! for the spectacular work Doug does at Hermanson! And we’ll hear more about cheering for fitters later on…

Doug is a Western Washington native based out of North Bend. Like many in the Pacific Northwest, he counts hunting, fishing and the Seahawks among his favorite hobbies. Additionally, Doug is a RUSH aficionado (you can’t go wrong with “Working Man!”) and an avid hiker – logging over 1,400 miles in each of the last two years (yes, he keeps track!) All this hiking allows him to indulge in another favorite pastime, wildlife photography. He has some spectacular shots!

Doug has been married to his lovely wife, Karen, for almost 28 years – as long as he has been in the industry – and they have two children, Sara (25) and Matthew (23). It shouldn’t come as a surprise that construction runs in Doug’s family. His father, Gene, was also a Local 32 steamfitter and his brother, Jeff, is a Local 32 Plumber.

In talking with Doug, it quickly becomes clear that jobsite safety is a HUGE passion. He is extremely proud that he has spent the last 18 years injury-free, and Doug believes that Hermanson’s safety attitude – from ownership to superintendents, project managers, and the Safety team – is the best of any company he has seen. In fact, when he brings on new workers, Doug focuses on making sure they understand what is expected in terms of safety, and his words of wisdom revolve around keeping each other safe, “Help your fellow workers and ask for help. There is nothing here important enough to get hurt over.”

Currently, Doug is onsite completing TI work for a “large internet company” in Kirkland, where he is putting his skill in chilled beam construction to work, and he recently finished the Car Toys and HBO build-outs in downtown Seattle. His time here at Hermanson also includes work at SeaTac Airport, resulting in some of his best stories. If you get a chance, ask him about his interactions with TSA and passengers who think it is a good idea to go out on the runway.
Never a dull moment!

Doug, we are thrilled to have you as a member of our team!

So, remember that comment about cheering? This has to do with Doug’s favorite project ever – re-piping the Seattle Center International Fountain. The fountain had been closed for a year, and when it was finally done, it was 90 degrees and there were well over 100 kids waiting. When Doug’s team turned the fountain on, everybody around started cheering! It’s something that Doug will always remember fondly. We think you are great, too, Doug!