Foreman Focus Friday: John Beck

May 31, 2019 | Source: Hermanson Marketing Feature Photo Credit // John Beck | Foreman Focus Friday

When Hermanson Service Foreman, John Beck, was growing up he wanted to be an architect.

“I soon realized how stationary that job would be, so I turned to HVAC instead,” says John, “I love this trade and have for 20 years!”

John considers himself an almost native, having lived in the Olympia area for the last 32 years. He went off to Phoenix to attend Universal Technical Institute to learn HVAC systems for a year, then returned to the Pacific Northwest. John is not afraid to work on anything that heats or cools and considers working on Mitsubishi City Multi, heat pumps, server room units, and variable air volume systems to be his specialties. He enjoys the variety, travel and people interactions that service work brings to his day.

John credits time spent working at Hermanson as the reason for his professional growth. As a technician, he works on different systems daily---anything from a small server room unit to a 150-ton unit that a person could stand inside. “I appreciate the ever-changing industry, the demand for skilled tradesman, and the job security and pay it provides,” notes John. He is appreciated by customers for his commitment to maximizing mechanical system output and savings.

Safety is an important factor on every job where John works. He has three beautiful children (ages 17, 9 and 7) and making it home to them at the end of the day makes John mindful of safe working conditions. When not working John makes the most of every waking hour. He likes to spend time on the golf course, working out at the gym and bowling. Bowling, indoor rock climbing, miniature golf, hiking, and geocaching are all quality family time activities spent with his children.

It is Foreman like John Beck that are the face of Hermanson for many of our clients and their work ethic and technical skills are greatly appreciated.