Foreman Focus Friday: Loren Hopen

Sep 25, 2020 | Source: Hermanson Marketing | Foreman Focus Friday

Over the course of Sheet Metal Foreman Loren Hopen’s career, he has spent twenty years working for Hermanson. 

Hopen--Loren.jpgLoren has worked elsewhere but has always made his way back to Hermanson.  “Hermanson treats their employees exceptionally well and the quality of craftsman assembled here is bar none,” says Loren. 

After high school, Loren attended a three-year sheet metal program at Bates Technical College and began his apprenticeship with Local 66.  Loren’s training and experience is the basis for his Sheet Metal Foreman role.  He is currently working at the JBLM jobsite. 

Loren is drawn to unique projects and recalls a few of his favorites like the Boeing Dinol Paint Booth.  Hermanson provided full mechanical for the addition of two Dinol booths for vertical painting and coating processes at the 156,000 square foot building located in Renton. “A lot of duct work was required for ventilation at that facility,” recalls Loren.  Other favorite projects include work on the Highway 99 tunnel and the downtown Seattle Urban Union Building. 

Loren is very detail oriented and budget conscious and considered a team player who is willing to go above and beyond what is required of him.  His strong technical skills as well as his dedication to 100% customer satisfaction have made Loren a highly sought-after partner by his co-workers, general contractors, and building owners.  

Congratulations, Loren, for being named Hermanson’s Foreman of Focus for September 2020!



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