Foreman Focus Friday: Mike Brume

Jul 8, 2016 | Foreman Focus Friday


Mike Brume, a Puget Sound native who is married to wife, Ashley, may seem like an ordinary guy, but he has proved himself to be an extraordinary Foreman here at Hermanson.

Mike has always had a knack for the HVAC industry. He spent his free time as a kid helping out at his dad’s local residential HVAC shop and was hanging out in crawl spaces by the age of 12 years old! Hard work and commitment come naturally to some, and Mike is a stellar example of this!

Mike currently serves as the Lead Foreman for the Tenant Improvement Group (TIG). Just like the rest of TIG, he must be a master of efficiency while simultaneously delivering high quality to clients. His ability to do this well has been a big factor in his team’s success over the last two years. Mike’s current projects include the renovation and addition of new Liberty Mutual spaces at 1001 Fourth/ SAFECO Plaza and the 800 5th Avenue Lobby. Mike enjoys working for Hermanson because of the support and opportunities for professional growth that are available.

Mike values his team and places priority on supporting their efforts, making sure that the whole team is on the same page with a project. He also enjoys the new challenges that always present themselves in his job. For example, in the WeWorks Project at 107 Spring Street, Mike recalls that they had to shut down 1st Avenue for the crane pick, remove the roof from the penthouse as well as remove the existing building supply fan through the hole and then reinstall a new fan. Although, it was challenging requiring that much coordination for a small crane pick, it was worth it in the end as the project was a success.

Mike’s advice to Apprentices is the following: “The difference between a Journeyman and an Apprentice is that a Journeyman has messed up on more jobs than an Apprentice has yet seen.”

In other words, mistakes are going to happen, so learn from them and keep your head up!

In a company full of outdoorsmen, Mike stands out as one of our mountaineers! In 2012, Mike along with our own Mike Leiphart, successfully summited Mt. Rainier! See hard work and perseverance do pay off!