Foreman Focus Friday: Noel Galvin

May 20, 2016 | Foreman Focus Friday


This month we recognize one of our most noteworthy - and certainly one of our most colorful - Plumbing Foremen, Noel Galvin. Noel has been a part of the Hermanson team for the last eight (8) years. The ‘luck of Irish’ may have brought Noel to us, but his tremendous talent and strong work ethic are what have made him so successful here at Hermanson. Noel grew up on a dairy farm in Cork, Ireland. He moved to the U.S. when he was 24 years old with just a few dollars in his pocket and the American Dream on his mind. Having some experience with residential carpentry, Noel decided to take a friend’s advice and join the construction industry. He signed up with Local 32 and the rest is history. Noel loves that plumbing always presents a challenge – most notably routing the pipe – so his job is always interesting. For example, when working on the Riverpark MOB project in Redmond, Noel’s ingenuity was tested by building a facility in what amounted to a bog, including having to dig wells and use high volume pumps to lower the water table so we could set the vaults. Noel enjoys working for Hermanson because he gets to see the full spectrum of what goes into a building. He also values the great people he gets to work with here. Noel works in major projects, currently at Tilt 49, but originally started in SPD. If you ask him his specialties, he will say that he does not box himself or his team into any specific specialties – they can do it all! Noel’s advice to others in the trade is “communication is key, always treat your Project Manager well, and don’t forget to show appreciation to your team and all of the office staff behind the scenes!”