Foreman Focus Friday: Ryan Highland

Jun 16, 2017 | Source: Hermanson Marketing Feature Photo Credit // Ryan Highland | Foreman Focus Friday

Ryan Highland is an indispensable member of the Hermanson team.

Currently managing an impressive 16 jobs in the downtown Seattle area, Ryan’s fun-loving personality and constructive approach to team management have given him a reputation for being a favorite plumbing foreman on his job sites.

Believe it or not, Ryan did not grow up dreaming of becoming a plumber! He chose his career on a whim one day while he and his wife were researching job opportunities. After completing a five-year apprenticeship with the Local 32, Ryan went on to have a promising career in the mechanical construction industry. Now a Hermanson Plumbing Foreman, Ryan has come to love his chosen profession - so much so that he inspired his brother, Taylor, to follow in his footsteps. Thanks to Ryan’s encouragement, Taylor has just completed his first-year plumbing apprenticeship!

As a Plumbing Foreman, Ryan wears many hats. He oversees the coordination of material, manpower, and the installation of plumbing and pipefitting systems, as well as the organization of subcontractors on full mechanical projects. His position allows him to experience new places and meet new people regularly - Ryan’s favorite part of his job. On a daily basis, he adopts the Hermanson core value of “Team” by maintaining a positive attitude and encouraging a collaborative environment with clients, industry partners, and fellow employees.

Outside of work, Ryan is a family man. He has been married to his wife, Mandi for 17 years and they have two children together – Alec (14) and Rylynn (3). They also have two dogs, a dachshund named Scooter and a schnauzer named Hurley. Alec plays baseball year-round and the whole family gets involved. The Highland family even takes vacations centered around Alec’s young baseball career!

Ryan’s advice to others in the trade is, “Stay positive. Your mood drives everything! If you’re in a bad mood, you’ll have a bad day, but if you stay positive, you will have a better day and your coworkers will thank you for it!”

Thank you, Ryan! We appreciate all of your hard work!


“Ryan is easy to get along with and doesn’t get overly stressed. He is always willing to help and can tackle situations before they become problems. He is dependable and hard-working, a vital member of my team.”
– Scott Ponsler, Hermanson Superintendent

Favorite Projects

  • Toyota of Seattle
  • Player’s locker rooms at CenturyLink Field