Foreman Focus Friday: Cory McGinnity

Oct 26, 2018 | Source: Hermanson Marketing | Foreman Focus Friday

Hermanson Foreman Cory McGinnity has always liked hammering on things and making a lot of noise, so when his uncle and cousin introduced him to the sheet metal trade, it was a natural fit.

The first job he worked on was the IDX Tower (now known as Fourth and Madison) in downtown Seattle. Originally when he was brought on as a material handler, the building was a mere 12 floors, but by the time construction was complete in 2002, the tower was built to 40 stories high – the first Seattle high-rise to exceed 500 feet in over a decade. The experience solidified Cory’s decision to join the trades, “I was awestruck by the whole process and knew I had found my calling.”

Cory now specializes in quick turnaround work in Hermanson’s Owner Direct Solutions (ODS) department. His most recent work has focused on buildouts for Orange Theory Fitness Centers throughout the Puget Sound. He has completed seven locations as foreman and is currently involved with four additional locations either wrapping up or planning to get started soon. Cory also has a regular rotation of unit change outs, crane picks and a plethora of miscellaneous one-off jobs.

Cory most likes working for Hermanson because of the family atmosphere and team core values. “When a challenge comes along in the field and help is needed, there is a strong group of people who make sacrifices at the drop of hat to throw on a cape and come to the rescue. It makes us eager to have a chance to return the favor.”

Outside of work, Cory enjoys hiking, traveling, brewing beer, chasing down a rare barrel-aged stout, and finding new great places to eat. He has been married to his wife Briana for five years and they have one daughter together. Her name is Sadie, she is 4 years old and Cory’s “partner in crime.”

Thanks Cory!