Foreman Focus Friday: Joshua Feldman

Jul 27, 2018 | Source: Hermanson Marketing | Foreman Focus Friday

A lifelong mechanic, Joshua started his career as an automotive diesel technician.

He has always enjoyed the process of taking raw materials and transforming them into working machines. Knowing this, a close friend of his encouraged him to join the trades to satisfy his love of fabricating and also make him some money in the process! It took a bit of coercing, but he eventually enrolled in a seven-year apprenticeship with the Local 32 Plumbers and Pipe Fitters Union. Upon graduation, he immediately started a fulfilling career in the trades working as a pipe fitter.

Joshua has been a foreman with Hermanson for a few years now and has completed work at Good Samaritan Hospital, Boeing Renton, and the AMLI Arc, to name a few. His favorite project to date was the Auburn Central Utility Plant (CUP) job for MultiCare’s Auburn Medical Center. This project was unique in that it was mainly a mechanical-only job site. “Often times on a job like a high rise or hospital, you are working in a space with three or four other trades to keep construction on schedule. Auburn CUP was just one big mechanical room that we had to ourselves, with the exception of the electricians. Because of this, there were more opportunities to ask questions and learn as a team,” says Joshua.

Joshua is married to his wife of 11 years, Stacy, and has two children – Mac (22), and Maddison (15). Outside of work, you can find Joshua building, fixing, and riding any of his off-road vehicles – trucks, bikes, quads – you name it! He’s the kind of guy that always has a project going, whether it’s fixing up a truck or teaching his daughter to drive.

Thanks Joshua!