Foreman Focus Friday: Sam Chedester

Apr 27, 2018 | Source: Hermanson Marketing | Foreman Focus Friday

When Sam Chedester was 20 years old, he bought a 1949 Harley Davidson motorcycle, but quickly realized he needed a better paying job to restore it.

A coworker suggested he go to work for her husband who was a sheet metal foreman. Sam worked as a material handler for a year until his foreman referred him to Jeff Hermanson and he went to work at AccuDuct to start his apprenticeship. Three years into it, he asked to be transferred to gain field experience. Sam started at Hermanson in October 1996 and he’s been with us ever since!

Now as a veteran Sheet Metal Foreman, Sam credits his well-rounded skill set to the diverse opportunities offered at Hermanson. He has worked on a number of large hospital projects and high-rise office buildings, but his favorite project to-date was the Providence Cymbaluk Tower because of the exceptional crew and the relationships he developed with the GC and Providence.

Sam incorporates Hermanson’s Clients First and Team core values into his work every day. Ensuring his team has everything they need to do their job safely and efficiently, as well as supporting the GC and the Owner are the most important parts of his job. When asked what he likes about working for Hermanson, Sam says, “if there is anything you need - materials, training, support, etc. - all you have to do is ask and you will be given what you need. We are given the tools to succeed, it’s up to us to use them.”

For his fellow foremen, he offers the following advice: “Be open-minded and willing to listen to everyone’s input. Sometimes the first-year apprentice may have a better way of doing something that you’ve been doing for 20 years!”

Sam has been married to his wife, Michelle for 24 years and they have three sons – Zach (21), Jake (18), and Brock (10). He enjoys hunting with his middle son and his youngest son plays football year-round. During the summer months, Sam stays busy as the team captain for the Seattle Cossacks. He has been a member of the motorcycle stunt and drill team for 27 years and has reigned as the team captain for the last 12 years. His son Zach rides with the team and is following in his father’s footsteps as a sheet metal material handler with Local 66 and has applied for the apprenticeship.

We look forward to welcoming the next generation of Chedester!
Thank you, Sam, for your dedication and hard work!

Thanks Sam!