Foreman Focus Friday: Tony Landru

Sep 29, 2018 | Source: Hermanson Marketing | Foreman Focus Friday

Hermanson foreman Tony Landru has been a plumber for almost 30 years.

He started his plumbing career straight out of high school when his best friend’s dad asked him to help out at his residential plumbing job. They visited multiple job sites a day and Tony really enjoyed the freedom to move around and travel that the trade provided. After plumbing houses for about 11 years, Tony joined the union in 2000 and started working at Hermanson shortly after in 2005.

Since joining Hermanson, Tony has made a name for himself as a hardworking, knowledgeable team member and a valuable asset to every project he’s involved in. In 2016, Tony was presented with Mortenson’s Subcontractor Star Award for his exceptional work on the AMLI Arc project. He voiced his concerns, presented solutions, and encouraged all those around him, facilitating a positive and productive culture on the project, which was a key contributing factor to the success of this highrise.

To say Tony Landru is a dedicated man would be a great understatement. Not only is he devoted to his role as plumbing foreman at Hermanson, but he has also spent the last 17 years coaching his sons and local youth in hockey, football, and boxing – all full-time commitments! His younger son Zach was a two-time national boxing champion and was ranked number one in the United States in 2012, thanks to the strong work ethic and dedication that was instilled in him by his father.

Whether he’s on the job or coaching, Tony always follows the mantra, ‘treat others how you’d like to be treated.’ He strives to create a welcoming environment for the people around him and attributes his success to his positive attitude. He considers the most important part of his job to be training the next generation of men and women in the trades. “I’ve been lucky enough to work for some of the best tradesmen in the industry. I think that mentoring the next generation is key – we should be encouraging them to start careers in the trade and support them in their training however possible” says Tony.

Tony recently married his long-time partner, Ronda. Together, they have two sons, Wayne (28) & Zachary (21), and two five-year-old teacup chihuahuas, Zayda and Tarra. Zach is following in his dad’s footsteps and is in the third year of his apprenticeship with Local 32.

Thanks Tony!