Articles from December, 2017

Dec 29, 2017 | Source: Hermanson Marketing Foreman Focus Friday

Early on, Darren Holmquist wanted to become a car mechanic. He enjoyed working on engines and troubleshooting mechanical problems, but like many others in the trade, he found working with HVAC systems to be very similar and the new career choice seemed to make sense. Now as Hermanson’s North-End HVAC Service Foreman, Darren enjoys tackling customers’ problems by troubleshooting their mechanical systems to find solutions. With almost 30 years under his belt, his industry experience ensures that he can quickly identify and resolve mechanical & plumbing issues, keeping the customer’s experience smooth and hassle-free. He finds customer satisfaction to be his... Read More

Dec 21, 2017 | Source: Hermanson Marketing Community Involvement

To embrace the spirit of giving, every year Hermanson Company organizes a charitable drive to benefit a local nonprofit during the holiday season. This year, employees purchased winter coats to donate to local foster youth through the Treehouse organization. Collection bins were placed in both Hermanson office locations in Kent and donations were collected throughout November and the beginning of December. On December 13th, Hermanson delivered over $5,000 worth of warm winter jackets and donations to the “Treehouse Wearhouse” in Seattle. Treehouse provides Washington youth in foster care with academic and other essential support they need to graduate from school and pursue... Read More

Dec 11, 2017 | Source: Hermanson Marketing Community Involvement

This December, Hermanson’s Critical Environments Group (CEG) decided to approach their quarterly team building event a little differently.

With the idea of giving back to the community, they decided to merge their competitive natures with the giving spirit of the holidays and hold the first annual CEG Charity Bike Build. The idea was simple - organize a race to see who could build a bike the fastest and donate the completed bikes to local kids.

Six children’s bike kits were purchased, and everyone gathered in the Hermanson Collaboration Room with tools in-hand to see who could assemble the bikes the quickest. With Krista Powers conducting Quality Control checks...

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