Gearing up Dieringer School District for the Summer Heat

May 14, 2024 | Company News

Gearing up Dieringer School District for the Summer Heat

The Hermanson Team has been hard at work this spring break.

Hermanson is currently partnering with the Dieringer School District for an HVAC update project across three schools: Dieringer Heights Elementary, Lake Tapps Elementary, and North Tapps Middle School.

As the Design-Build partner, Hermanson implemented integrated Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF), heat recovery, and Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS) across the three schools simultaneously.

Maximizing Productivity

Though the project won’t go into full swing until this summer, our Hermanson Team wasted no time. Our skilled labor workers were at each school every day during Spring Break to lay the groundwork for the upcoming summer endeavors. This was aimed to maximize productivity and better prepare the schools for the coming heat.

During this first phase of work, we conducted comprehensive assessments across all facilities, developed plans for new HVAC equipment and ductwork, and completed exterior concrete work, including the installation of concrete pads for outdoor equipment.

We also prepared demos and streamlined installations to ensure an efficient workflow over the short 7-day break.

Making Strategic Choices

In close consultation with the District, the team made strategic decisions tailored to their funding constraints and community priorities. By synchronizing and optimizing our efforts, we managed to concurrently tackle all three projects, delivering substantial cost savings to the District. In addition to price cuts, this approach also fostered community goodwill by ensuring equitable access to modernized mechanical systems and cooling at all three schools.

Moving Forward

Once summer break hits, the Hermanson team will spring into full action. Leveraging this preparatory period, we've utilized advanced tools like AutoCAD software to meticulously plan the redesign of mechanical rooms at Lake Tapps Elementary, ensuring a seamless transition into the implementation phase.

Meaningful Partnership

This partnership with the Dieringer School District reflects our commitment to efficiently enhance our learning environments with improved conditions for our students and staff. By prioritizing efficiency and innovation, we're proud to play a role in creating safer, more comfortable spaces conducive to growth and learning.