Hermanson Service Technicians Beat Back the Heat for Our Customers

Aug 24, 2023 | Company News

Hermanson Service Technicians Beat Back the Heat for Our Customers

As the sun blazes on and temperatures rise, it's not every day that we pause to shine a spotlight on the quiet heroes of our organization. Today, we're taking a moment to recognize our incredible HVAC Service Technicians and Office Staff who have showcased unparalleled dedication and skill, ensuring comfort and safety for countless customers.

Just last week…

An Overwhelming Number of Calls: Our technicians have responded to over 170 service calls - a testament to their unwavering commitment to our clients.

Quick to Connect: Our Telecom team swiftly and effectively responded to over 100 service calls, ranging from inner-city sites to remote locations throughout the Pacific Northwest. 

Prompt Responses: Despite the unusually high volume of service calls, our technicians have been quick and willing to respond. Their commitment ensures that our customers don't experience discomfort for longer than necessary.

Dedication Measured in Hours: These calls weren't mere minutes of work. They translated to over 740 hours of expert service, troubleshooting, and solutions.

Stellar Foremen at the Helm: Leadership makes all the difference in such challenging times. Our foremen have managed workloads efficiently and consistently promoted positivity and safe behavior amidst the heatwave. Their guidance and spirit have been a beacon for the entire team.

Exceeding Expectations: By being prompt, efficient, and genuinely fantastic individuals, our technicians have exceeded customer expectations time and again. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, reinforcing our belief in the team's capabilities.

Battling Equipment Breakdowns: Many calls were not just routine checkups but emergencies due to equipment breakdowns. Our team jumped into action, diagnosing problems swiftly and implementing effective solutions.

Keeping up with Demands: We've heard from numerous clients about how their systems struggled to keep up with the demanding weather. Yet, every time, our technicians have risen to the challenge, ensuring that each system operates at its peak.

Exceptional Feedback: Many of our customers took the time to share their positive experiences with our tech team. Words like "professional," "efficient," and "lifesaver" were frequent highlights in the feedback we received.

Such achievements are not just about numbers; they represent each team member's relentless spirit, technical prowess, and client-centric approach. Through these collective efforts, we successfully navigated a particularly demanding week and made a significant difference in the lives of our clients.

"Last week's major heat event proved to a lot to our customers, our crew, and myself that the Telecom crew is more than a team," said Telecom Foreman Scott Birdsell. 

"Sites were saved, bonds were built, and good times were had. I can't stress how proud I am of the team. Hermanson has built its reputation as the telecom vendor you need when the times are tough!" said Scott.

In addition to the remarkable work of our team in the field, the office team dazzled with their unwavering dedication and commitment to our clients. They maintained an open line of communication with our clients, keeping them in the loop about project status and deftly coordinating technician rerouting based on priority and safety protocols.

“This level of dedication and expertise doesn't just happen overnight. It's the result of continuous training, genuine care for our clients, and a passion for excellence. The hard work and determination exhibited by everyone throughout our Service Team is exemplary,” said Jacob Besagno, Director of Owner Direct Solutions.

To our Service Team - A heartfelt thank you for your continued dedication and for setting such high standards. You are the backbone of our success, and your efforts are deeply appreciated! We are immensely proud to have you as part of the Hermanson family.

Stay cool and stay proud. Here's to another week of exceptional service!

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