The Muckleshoot Childhood Development Center Renovation

Apr 8, 2024 | Company News

Muckleshoot Childhood Development Center Renovation

Driven by the mission of providing a rich learning environment, the Muckleshoot Childhood Development Center offers self-paced learning and a creative curriculum to the community's children. The center provides both childcare and child development, having served over 100 children in the last year.


Today, the Muckleshoot Child Development Center is under renovation. And at the heart of this project is Hermanson!


A Collaboration

Partnering once again with the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe, Hermanson Company demonstrates our capabilities in mechanical construction, joining technical expertise with a profound respect for tribal collaborations. Hermanson Company is applying our years of experience to renovate a 25,000 sq ft facility that has served the Muckleshoot community for two decades.

Unique Demands

The Muckleshoot Child Development Center project presents the challenge of preserving the integrity of the existing structure while introducing modern HVAC and plumbing systems tailored to the building's unique demands.


Ensuring Efficiency 

With our dual role as engineer and contractor, our approach is defined by meticulous planning and execution. Navigating a compressed timeline, we use strategic phasing to accommodate the site's partial occupancy. The installation of an advanced VRF Daikin system marks a significant step toward efficiency and aligns with the Tribe's broader infrastructure goals.


Scheduled for completion in Fall 2024, this project is a testament to Hermanson's commitment to delivering precision-engineered solutions within the demanding framework of occupied renovations.

A Step Towards Sustainability

The transition to VRF systems is a strategic move within the construction industry. These systems are known for reducing operational costs and offering scalable solutions for buildings like the one we're renovating for the Muckleshoot Tribe. This method reflects a broader industry trend towards sustainability and energy efficiency.


Facing the challenge of maintaining facility operations during renovations, our team's coordinated effort ensures minimal disruption, demonstrating our capacity to manage complex logistics for our clients.


A Meaningful Partnership

This project is not just about meeting deadlines; it's about forging lasting relationships based on trust and demonstrated results. The Tribe's choice to partner with Hermanson again is a testament to our shared values and our team's ability to deliver on expectations.

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