Foreman Focus Friday: Benji Aguilera

Apr 30, 2021 | Source: Hermanson Marketing | Foreman Focus Friday

For Pipefitting Foreman Benji Aguilera, working in the building trades has been a family tradition. Benji’s grandfather was an electrician and his uncle a millwright, so after high school Benji enrolled in the welding program at Oregon's Linn-Benton Community College.  

At Linn-Benton, Benji earned his Associates Degree in welding technology and began working as a pipe fitter/welder in 2011. He joined Local 290 in 2017 and has spent time working on industrial projects including local papermills and chemical plants before being hired by Hermanson as a Pipefitting Foreman in 2019.


Benji began his Hermanson tenure at the University of Oregon KCASI project, moved to the Salem Public Library and is currently splitting his time between the completion of ABCAM Laboratories in Eugene and the Patricia Reser Center for Arts in Portland. Benji’s industry specialties include carbon steel piping (steam systems, hydronic, and pressure vessel installations) and both stick and TIG welding.


Hermanson’s Oregon General Superintendent, John Nelson, describes Benji as a key member of Hermanson’s success. “Benji has a customer-first attitude and his communication skills with both his team and our customers has been an important part of our success,” notes John.


Growing up in the same town south of Salem were he currently lives with his fiancée (his partner of 10 years), Benji believes it an ideal place to raise their three small children (ages 6 to 6 months). When not working, the family enjoys spending time at home, swimming, or riding quads. Benji appreciates the outdoors and can be found fishing, camping, hunting, or snowboarding and looks forward to including his children in these activities as they mature.

Hermanson celebrates Benji Aguilera’s contributions and the advantages his local work experience and networking bring to the Oregon team. Thanks, Benji, for all you do!