Foreman Focus Friday: Bill Wilkinson

Sep 2, 2022 | Source: Hermanson Marketing | Foreman Focus Friday



For Bill Wilkinson, every service call is an opportunity. The experienced Service Foreman likes the challenge of finding solutions to whatever problems our clients are facing, and there’s always something different every day.


After 37 years in the HVAC industry, Bill Wilkinson has seen just about everything. In 1985, he needed a job and found someone willing to train him in residential work. After about five years, Bill transitioned to commercial HVAC and hasn't looked back. He found his way to Hermanson in 2015, where he liked the friendly work environment.

“In Service, we are constantly stressing doing things the ‘Hermy Way,’” said Bill. “To us, it means doing the right thing by the customer. It’s being an advocate for both the customer and Hermanson.”

When asked what’s most important about his role as Foreman, Bill has a clear answer: “TEACHING! TEACHING! TEACHING!”

“Forepersons are always working on bringing up the next generation of technicians and imparting our knowledge to them,” shared Bill. With his passion for teaching shining through, Bill has this advice to pass along:

For Forepersons:

Teach your Journey Workers and Apprentices the right way to do things and be actively involved in their education. Be patient. This industry changes rapidly and requires a lot of knowledge to be successful. Always be training your replacement.

For Journeypersons:

Be diligent in your education. When I started in this industry, there weren’t any electronics in HVAC equipment. Now, we work on VRF systems that are all electronic and require a PC to interface with them. The world of HVAC is rapidly changing, so stay on top of it.

For Apprentices:

Keep your eyes and ears open. Ask questions! Even the stupid questions. You’ve chosen a difficult career that requires you to ask those questions. HVAC is incredibly rewarding so take advantage of it!

When he’s not helping with service calls, Bill enjoys woodworking, working on his 1959 Chevy Apache 31, and going on motorcycle road trips. He and his wife Sharyl have been married for 37 years, with three sons and four grandchildren. They share their home with their four friendly dogs: Bella, Charlie, Harley, and Duke (pictured below).


Bill personifies Hermanson's core value of being a "we" company - we are better together and support each other. Thank you, Bill, for your feature in Foreman Focus! 


Bill and pup  Wilkinson motorcycle road trip

Wilkinson pup3  Wilkinson pup4  Wilkinson pups