GoPro For A Day: Tina Dannewitz

May 7, 2018 | Source: Hermanson Marketing | GoPro for a Day

In the second installment of Hermanson’s “GoPro for a Day” series, cameras follow Sheet Metal Journeyman Tina Dannewitz through the fabrication of air duct sections in the Hermanson metal shop in Kent.

Tina operates a coil line ductwork manufacturing machine, which uses large spools of galvanized sheet metal to fabricate “L” shaped duct pieces. Each “L” piece is one-half of a pair, which combined together will create a complete section of rectangular ductwork.

The process starts by pulling the required flat sheet metal from a spool and feeding it into the machine. According to the settings entered by Tina, the machine will cut the steel to the exact length, punch out notches for seams and connectors, roll the seams and connectors onto the metal, apply spray adhesive for insulation, apply the insulation, weld pins to the metal to secure the insulation and, finally, bend the flat ductwork up into an "L" shape. After the "L" shape ductwork comes off the coil-line, Tina will use a TDC corner to insert corners into the TDC connector. The corners are not only for stiffening but for later connecting to other pieces of duct.

After the sheet metal sections are complete, they are assembled into complete duct and sent to their destinations in buildings across the Puget Sound Region.

Watch the video below to see Tina complete the process from start to finish!