Hermanson Construction Cost Index - Q1 2024

Mar 22, 2024 | Mechanical Construction Cost Index

Many of Hermanson’s clients – owners and general contractors – seek to understand the trends impacting Mechanical Construction Costs.

In the first quarter of 2024, we saw an increase in mechanical construction costs, with our overall project price rising 5.0% compared to Q4 2023. The pricing shows that HVAC costs increased by approximately 8.2%, and plumbing costs decreased by 1.4%.

The primary factors for the change in costs were minor increases in the cost of equipment, labor rate increases, and a decrease in copper prices.


Hermanson’s baseline project estimate contains Puget Sound pricing the following components:


  • Labor

  • Material

    • PVC

    • Cast Iron

    • Copper & Steel Threaded Pipe

    • Restroom Fixtures


  • Labor

  • Material

    • Ductwork

    • Pump

    • Copper & Steel Threaded Pipe

    • Exhaust Fan

    • Accessories

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