Hermanson Construction Cost Index - Q4 2023

Jan 17, 2024 | Mechanical Construction Cost Index

Many of Hermanson’s clients – owners and general contractors – seek to understand the trends impacting Mechanical Construction Costs.

In the final quarter of 2023, we saw a decrease in mechanical construction costs, with our overall project price dropping 2.1% when compared to Q3 2023. The pricing shows that HVAC costs went down by approximately 2.0%, and plumbing costs decreased by 2.2%.

The primary factors for the change in costs were lower material prices for copper pipe, steel pipe, and PVC pipe.


Hermanson’s baseline project estimate contains Puget Sound pricing the following components:


  • Labor

  • Material

    • PVC

    • Cast Iron

    • Copper & Steel Threaded Pipe

    • Restroom Fixtures


  • Labor

  • Material

    • Ductwork

    • Pump

    • Copper & Steel Threaded Pipe

    • Exhaust Fan

    • Accessories

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