Women of Hermanson 2nd Annual Networking Event

Mar 12, 2020 | Source: Hermanson Marketing | Women of Hermanson

Last week, the Women of Hermanson hosted their 2nd Annual Networking Event at the LeMay Car Museum in Tacoma.

It was an evening celebrating the contributions of women in construction with great food, raffle prizes, games, mingling, and live music.

There was representation from all sectors of the construction industry from craft trades, general contractors, engineers, architects, and material suppliers and included career arcs from first-year apprentices to company presidents.

The evening's theme was The Power Trio: Opportunity // Advocacy // Empowerment and the recognition of a joint effort within companies to continue to take steps to grow a welcoming and inclusive diverse workforce.

In her opening welcome, Hermanson’s Marketing Director, Beth Chandler, noted that Opportunity starts with developing an awareness of careers in construction. Beginning in our middle and high schools, skill centers, technical and community colleges, and universities, creating awareness of opportunities and pathways to develop the competencies and knowledge needed to be a competitive candidate.

Opportunity continues through recruitment and the hiring process. By recognizing and eliminating implicit bias in job postings, by including women and minorities in the hiring process, and by reaching out directly to potential candidates to break down perceived qualification barriers. 

Advocating for a diverse workforce involves providing networking opportunities and support for individuals looking to enter and advance in a field in which they are not the dominant race, gender or gender identity. 

By creating equal opportunity for skills training and career advancement, companies can Empower their workforce to meet their full potential. A recent study found a link between diversity and higher revenues, profits, and market value. Companies are wise to recognize the social capital that lays within their own workforce and the benefits it offers to the bottom line. 

The evening was a reminder of the incredible contribution that women in construction have to offer.  Plans are already underway for next year's event during Women in Construction Week and hope to see you there!

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