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From the construction of large new office facilities to preventative maintenance services for tenants, building owners, and property managers.

Hermanson has developed a reputation for quick, efficient, and effective response to mechanical systems needs. The following provides you with a sample listing of our experience:

Coca Cola Office HVAC (2014)
Bellevue, Washington
Hermanson retrofitted a VAV system to VRF for Coca Cola’s corporate office. The executives moved out of their offices when system went down at the end of Spring in 2014. The replacement unit was 8-12 weeks out, but Hermanson was able to complete the retrofit sooner than the new unit arriving. The new system was much more energy efficient and was able to secure a rebate for approximately 20% of the overall project cost.

Account Executive – Jacob Besagno
Labor Lead – Jack Angeline

Skagit Regional Clinics (2018)
Stanwood, Washington
In 2018, the Kirkland Corporate Center’s HVAC system consisted of a 50 ton RTU/VAV system and an older Honeywell Niagara controls system. Hermanson replaced with a new 50 ton RTU, upgraded the controls, and replaced all 27 VAV boxes. All replacements were performed after hours to minimize disruption of clinic staff.

Account Executive & Project Manager – Jacob Besagno
Labor Lead – Rob Workman