LEAN Construction

Today’s world demands efficiency, effectiveness, and quality.  Several years ago, Hermanson Company made the decision to embrace the values of LEAN Construction to assure that we are constantly moving ahead, constantly improving…

What is LEAN?  Most simply, it is the elimination of waste in all its forms and assuring that efforts and resources are focused on the things that really matter.  It impacts every aspect of our work, from the flow of project information to the efficient use of time to the location and organization of tools.  Some of the practical applications that have been implemented include:

  • Use of “5-S” organization processes in the Fabrication Shop, in tool rooms, in the office, and in Service and Construction vehicles.
  • Implementation of LEAN techniques to establish, track, and communicate project commitments and our success in meeting those commitments.
  • Use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Pull Planning to pre-plan and optimize work flow, installation sequences, material movement, and scheduling both for our own trades, and with other trades on site.
  • Process Flow Analysis in Shop areas and Plasma tables and in our project turn-over process.
  • Application of “Kanban” for shop, office, and field inventory.
  • JIT (Just-in-Time) Delivery

We have found that LEAN is not something to get done, it is a process and an attitude that Hermanson Company will carry as we continue to build our service to our clients.