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Robin James, Esq.

Service Operations Manager

Prior to Hermanson, Robin completed 10 years in the US Navy. Robin utilizes her managerial skills learned from her service in the military in her current role as Service Operations Manager. She initially began her Hermanson career as a Service Coordinator while entering into her final year of law school. After finishing law school, she switched into a contract review role in addition to service coordination. Quickly recognizing areas to address for Risk Management, Robin used her unique perspective to find ways to better the Department. Robin’s motivation and ambition for improving Hermanson's Service Department catalyzed her upward mobility to her current position as the Service Operations Manager. In this role, Robin is transforming the way Service tackles complex maintenance customer accounts. Encapsulating the Hermanson way of thinking, Robin and her team are evaluating maintenance customer accounts while collaborating with their projects counterparts to provide not only reactionary solutions but proactive approaches to prevent unnecessary downtime or breakage. Robin’s reliance on the Service Technicians and her willingness to think outside the box is helping to elevate our Service Department to the next level of success.

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