Articles from August, 2017

Aug 31, 2017 | Source: Hermanson Marketing Company News

Hermanson Company recently expanded our Human Resource Department by hiring Renee Larsen, PHR/CP as Human Resource Manager and Ariana Poltz as Human Resource Specialist. Renee has over 20 years of experience as a human resource professional. Ariana has been a payroll and benefits administrator for a multi-faceted real estate development company that included support for several businesses under one umbrella including a large commercial construction contractor for the last eight years. Renee is a seasoned human resources expert with experience in developing and implementing HR processes and initiatives, recruiting, and employee development. As a skilled leader, Renee will be responsible for the... Read More

Aug 25, 2017 | Source: Hermanson Marketing Feature Photo Credit // Daryl Owens Foreman Focus Friday

Daryl Owens is a 4th generation UA hand. Daryl’s great grandfather was a steam fitter in Nebraska, his Grandfather a Local 32 Plumber and King County Plumbing Inspector, and his father is a retired Local 32 plumber. After helping out at the family plumbing shop as a youth, he decided he would follow in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps and carry on the family tradition. Daryl explains, “I could see that the plumbing trades offered more than just a good income. In this industry, you have the ability to do anything that you set your mind to - from field labor... Read More

Aug 11, 2017 | Source: Hermanson Marketing Company News

When planning the future, Hermanson Company is continually looking for creative, dedicated leaders whose skills and knowledge will help take our company to new heights. Because of their past contributions and future potential, we are thrilled to announce the addition of two new members to the Hermanson partnership team, Beth Chandler, Marketing Director and Jacob Besagno, ODS Business Development Manager. Ms. Chandler is a 33-year veteran of the A/E/C industry and is an integral part of the Hermanson Sales, Marketing and strategic planning team. Her experience includes working with Architects, Engineers, Contractors, and Developers to implement the sales process and to... Read More

Aug 4, 2017 | Source: Hermanson Marketing Company News

Hermanson Company recently hired Brad Sharp as Test & Balance Supervisor, specializing in Commissioning and TAB services. Brad and his team will focus on the needs of Hermanson’s Owner Direct Solutions (ODS) Department and “quick hit” service needs. With an impressive resume, Brad has earned over a dozen certifications including TAB Supervisor (ITI/ANSI Certified), Commissioning Supervisor (ITI Certified), and American Hospital Association Certified Healthcare Constructor, to name a few. He also has the advanced skills necessary to work in critical environments and hospital settings. In addition to his personal certifications, Brad brings to Hermanson the following company certifications: TAB Tech & Supervisor... Read More