Articles from February, 2018

Feb 23, 2018 | Source: Hermanson Marketing Foreman Focus Friday

NEAL HENRY ENJOYS A CHALLENGE. As one of Hermanson’s senior Service Foremen, Neal faces a new puzzle every day as he troubleshoots mechanical systems and solves customers’ problems. For the past 12 years, Neal has been the HVAC service and maintenance leader at the Costco Corporate campus in Issaquah, responsible for servicing four of the campus’ eight buildings. At Hermanson, Neal was instrumental in the sales effort that allowed the company, under Neal’s leadership, to take over all eight buildings! He is now working to problem solve Costco’s existing mechanical issues and get everything current and running smoothly. What might be... Read More

Feb 19, 2018 | Source: Hermanson Marketing Feature Photo Credit // Jason Heritage Company News

Hermanson Company is pleased to announce that Geoff Vestman recently joined the team as Business Development Manager for Hermanson’s Service Department.

In his new role, Geoff will lead the Preventative Maintenance Agreement (PMA) salesforce to grow and develop the service base, set and track sales targets, develop sales strategies, and refine the overall sales process.

Geoff comes from a construction family - his grandfather was...

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