Foreman Focus: Arcenio Valencia

Oct 20, 2023 | Foreman Focus Friday

Foreman Focus: Arcenio Valencia, Plumbing Foreman

In this month's Foreman Focus Friday, we spotlight Arcenio Valencia, one of Hermanson's dedicated Plumbing Foremen. With 25 years of experience in the industry, he brings a wealth of expertise and a passion for the ever-evolving world of plumbing and mechanical construction.

Born in California and raised in Arizona, Arcenio developed an affinity for hands-on work. "I know that if I wasn't going to obtain a college degree, I had to pick up a trade," said Arcenio. "Plumbing became my choice" as a career where he could excel, leveraging his skills and craftsmanship.

Family is at the core of Arcenio's life. He and his wife, Davita, are proud parents of three children, Gianna (13), Josiah (12), and Noah (8), who keep them busy with family adventures. Along with their golden retriever Daisy, the family enjoys roller skating, bicycling, riding scooters, geocaching, and spending as much time together as possible. 

Arcenio's career has taken him across the nation, from towering 57-story hotels and casinos to cutting-edge semiconductor plants and biotechnology labs. Currently, he's wrapping up work on the Microsoft Campus Modernization Project.

"The thing I enjoy most about plumbing is the evolution of the industry. I've seen so many changes in our industry in my 25-year career, and it keeps me on my toes," said Arcenio. "I get so much satisfaction being able to plan out a project, execute the plan, and see the finished result."

One standout project for Arcenio was the Climate Pledge Arena. The rapid schedule and the challenge of constructing the project while having the roof erected over the site made it a fascinating and demanding undertaking.

At Hermanson, Arcenio values the sense of family and the close-knit team. He ensures Hermanson's Purpose and Core Values are integrated into his daily work, always keeping clients at the forefront of his tasks.

Arcenio's advice for fellow tradespeople? "Be open-minded to others' ideas and be willing to learn no matter your position," he shared. "There's always room for improvement."

Arcenio's journey is a testament to the remarkable careers that thrive in the construction industry and at Hermanson. We're thankful for his dedication and contributions to the industry. Join us in celebrating Arcenio's exceptional work and leadership as part of the Hermanson team!

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In this month's Foreman Focus Friday, we spotlight Arcenio Valencia, one of Hermanson's dedicated Plumbing Foremen. With 25 years of...

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