Foreman Focus Friday | Rob Baker

Aug 4, 2023 | Foreman Focus Friday

Rob Baker: Leading the Way in Mechanical Excellence and Soaring to New Heights

Meet Rob Baker, Lead Fitting Foreman at Hermanson. Born on the east coast and well-traveled due to his father's Navy career, Rob found his home in Washington State. Rob's spirit is adventurous, and he's actively pursuing his lifelong dream of becoming a pilot. When he's not at a job site, you'll find him skydiving, scuba diving, or seeking his private pilot's license.

Family is at the core of Rob's life. He and his wife Leigha are the proud parents of three children aged 12, 7, and 1.

Early in his career, Rob worked as an extruder operator in Missouri, manufacturing PVC pipe for several years. He later met the owner of a mechanical construction company based out of Local 32. Rob took advantage of the opportunity to tour their facilities. He was immediately interested in the fabrication end and then being able to install it all out in the field. After learning more about the opportunity, Rob decided to go for the Pipefitters apprenticeship.

Rob's passion for the mechanical construction industry stems from the daily dose of challenges it offers. From meeting demanding deadlines to collaborating with diverse team members, each day presents new and exciting opportunities. Problem-solving and surmounting obstacles to keep projects moving forward are the driving forces that keep Rob motivated.

Among his favorite projects at Hermanson, the North Satellite Terminal Expansion at Sea-Tac stands out as a memorable highlight. The opportunity to weld 180 ft long runs of 6-inch steel pipe and coordinate intricate lifts involving multiple forklifts, chain supports, and a dedicated team made it a truly fascinating and rewarding experience.

When asked for advice for fellow industry professionals, Rob emphasizes the power of collective learning. He encourages foremen, journey workers, and apprentices to maintain open minds and embrace knowledge from anyone, regardless of their position. In an industry where unexpected insights can be invaluable, Rob believes that personal and professional growth stems from a willingness to learn from every source.

Rob Baker's love for the skies and his relentless pursuit of mechanical excellence make him a valuable member of the Hermanson team. His commitment to fostering a positive work environment and continuously elevating his craft is inspiring. We are proud to have Rob as part of our team, embodying Hermanson's core values and propelling our mission to deliver exceptional mechanical solutions while fostering collaboration and growth.

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