Foreman Focus Friday | Scott Birdsell

Apr 28, 2023 | Source: Hermanson Marketing | Foreman Focus Friday

Scott Birdsell: A Telecom Foreman with a Passion for Adventure

We’re proud to feature Scott Birdsell, Hermanson’s Telecom Foreman, who has been with our team for several years. As a telecommunications specialist, Scott is an expert in wireless, wireline, microwave, and fiber optics facilities maintenance. He is also experienced in critical infrastructure and remote services, making him an essential member of our team.

Scott grew up in Renton, Washington, and has always been interested in off-roading, whether riding around in trucks, quads, or side-by-sides. He loves exploring the great outdoors with his family, especially trips to Utah. One interesting fact about Scott is that he is adopted. He jokes that people are often surprised because he is so similar to his parents, who still live in Renton.

Scott’s wife Julie, their daughter Mila, and their two dogs round out his family. His father works for MacDonald-Miller as the Fleet Manager.

Scott’s journey in the industry started when he saw his friend’s work in telecommunications and thought it looked like an exciting adventure. He applied to work on the same crew and quickly grew to love the trade. He enjoyed going on overtime calls and became obsessed with the industry. Scott now finds joy in working with his friends and customers, building strong relationships along the way.

Working at Hermanson allows Scott the freedom to do what is right for his customers and crew. He incorporates our company’s Purpose and Core Values into his daily work, focusing on supporting his friends, customers, and team. He feels that his personal connections with them are crucial and that Hermanson gives him the tools to do what’s right for them.

Scott’s current projects include working with Verizon, Wave/Astound, T-Mobile, and more. He and his team are dedicated to being the partner their clients can depend on regardless of conditions, call load, or location. When asked what the most important part of his job is, Scott replied zero downtime for all our clients.

“Everything we do as humans relies on a reliable, predictable network. Without fast communication, response, and results, our reputation and our client’s reputation are in jeopardy. We want our clients to be successful in their industry as much as we want to be successful in ours. Everything in telecom is an emergency. We want to be that partner they can rely on regardless of conditions, call load, or location,” said Scott. “We can proudly say we have never had a site go into thermal runaway or go offline due to response times.”

One of the most remarkable projects Scott worked on was during a blizzard, where he and his team snowmobiled 15 miles to a site on Stampede Pass. There, they diagnosed a failed generator battery charger causing the outage. After making temporary repairs, they were able to get the site back up and running, providing critical communications for the I-90 Snoqualmie Pass WSP crews until commercial power was restored later that week.

Scott is excited about the future of the telecoms service industry. He wants to acknowledge all the people at Hermanson who have made success possible.

“Within two years of our team’s existence, we have become the largest telecommunications mechanical vendor in our territories (WA, OR, ID),” said Scott. “This is thanks to a fantastic crew that has all decided to not only ‘Embrace the Suck,’ but they thrive in it!”

This includes Jalen Brooks, Anthony Pereira, Aaron John, Adam John, Jake Davis, Cooper Williams, Dario Ochoa, Octavio Hernandez, and Jack Anderson. Scott also wants to recognize Michael Cappetto for building this group with me from Day 1 and acknowledging the people at Hermanson who have supported this team - Jeff Walcker, Jimmy Hoettel, Jacob Besagno, Kim Lange, Robin James, and Wendy Lewis. 

“It’s taken a village to get where we are, and I look forward to continuing to drive this industry with Hermanson!” said Scott.

At Hermanson, we’re lucky to have Scott on our team. We appreciate his commitment to his work and passion for adventure.


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