Foreman Focus | Kelvin Corbett

Nov 30, 2023 | Foreman Focus Friday

Foreman Focus: Kelvin Corbett - Building Excellence with Expertise and Passion

Kelvin Corbett, a dedicated Lead Fitting Foreman at Hermanson, brings the team a wealth of experience and a passion for hands-on work. Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Kelvin ventured into the construction industry, initially joining the family business of concrete construction. After 15 years and with his wife's encouragement, he transitioned to air conditioning and refrigeration, completing his apprenticeship with Local Union 725 in 2015.

Kelvin relocated to Washington in 2017 when his wife Rashida had the opportunity to take an RN position at Tacoma General Hospital. As a first-generation pipe fitter, Kelvin is proud of his journey.

"What I like most about the industry is the satisfaction of seeing your work develop in front of your eyes. It is one of the most fulfilling aspects of working in construction," shares Kelvin. "A great sense of pride comes from building something real. When you finish working on a project, there's a whole building there that you can show your family and watch people use every day."

As a foreman, Kelvin is currently working in the shop to help fabricate the pipe racks for Hermanson's project in Kansas. He emphasizes prioritization based on project plans, optimizing efficiency, and effective communication with his team. His commitment to continuous learning is evident in his advice to fellow foremen, journeymen, and apprentices:

"Never stop learning; no one knows everything because the trade changes all the time. Take any training offered to you and learn how to diagnose and repair. Be more than just a parts changer," says Kelvin.

Kelvin's most memorable project was the challenging Climate Pledge Arena, where he was impressed by the intricate installation that all happened under the existing roof. From massive mechanical rooms to miles of piping, the project presented numerous challenges, providing Kelvin with invaluable learning experiences.

Beyond the construction site, Kelvin's passions include shooting pool, traveling, camping, bowling, and cheering for the Colts football team. He's also currently studying for his real estate license. A family man at heart, Kelvin cherishes time with his wife Rashida, daughter Marlei (1), daughter De'zha (27), and son William (20). Kelvin recently became a grandfather, "which I'm so proud to be." 

At Hermanson, we celebrate Kelvin Corbett – a Foreman whose dedication, expertise, and passion contribute to building excellence in every project he undertakes.

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