Foreman Focus | Owen Ebi

Jun 28, 2024 | Foreman Focus Friday

Foreman Focus | Owen Ebi, Specialty Metals Foreman

In this month’s Foreman Focus, we spotlight Owen Ebi, a Specialty Metals Foreman with over 15 years of experience. Our Specialty Metals team works with various metals, including steel, copper, and aluminum, designing and building unique metalworks for clients.

Owen has deep roots in Maple Valley, where he has spent most of his life. Beyond the shop, he’s an avid outdoorsman, spending weekends mountain biking, camping and riding SXS. Yet, at the core of his hobbies lies his love for creating thing. He enjoys making everything from keg fire pits to electric minibikes, go-carts, and pellet smokers.

Owen’s journey into the trades began right after high school when he enrolled in welding classes at Renton Tech, setting the stage for his career. 

“I have always had a love for building with my hands and figuring out solutions for problems, so Specialty became a good fit”. 

Reflecting on his time at Hermanson, Owen notes, “I don’t generally enjoy office politics and have had some jobs in the past that have had a definite pecking order. That is not the way Hermanson tries to be. Here, everyone is treated as equals.” 

The Specialty Metals Team collaborates on numerous projects across various teams. One recent project is the Diamond Foundry for Shinn Mechanical. “We’re fabricating panels, doors, and parts for overseas assembly—it’s fascinating to see how small components come together into large assemblies,” he shares. His team is also busy with Mary Bridge and Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact (KCASI).

When asked about his favorite projects, Owen replies, “Coolest Project? I don’ t know how to answer that one. There’s too many,” showing his passion for his work. 

However, he adds that he enjoys challenges that require engineering, “ Any projects where I have had to add engineering to would be at the top of my list. Building monitor stations for an aerospace company, building hundreds of sink stations, and working on the SR-99 project, Dinol.

Owen’s advice for those in the industry is straightforward: “Always ask questions and seek knowledge. Don’t be afraid to tackle something new—everyone fails, learn from your mistakes. Own them and move on."

At Hermanson, we are lucky to have Owen Ebi on our team. Thank you for your commitment and contributions to the industry.

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